Cobra CJIC 550 Jump Starter

Cobra CJIC 550 Jump StarterDescription

The Jumpstart/Power Pack jump starts most vehicle batteries including V8 engines with its 900 Watt starting capacity and power ups refrigerators and space heaters with its 400 Watt alternating current power output, plus mobile portable devices with 12 Volt and 5 Volt USB output. Its 260 PSI air compressor easily fills flat tires and sports equipment. With a super bright LED light and rugged d


  • 900 peak ampere jump start power to instantly jump start vehicles
  • 12 Volt direct current power outlet for direct current accessories and appliances
  • 400 Watt alternating current output for operating household appliances
  • 5 Volt USB port to charge cellphones, PDAs or power up consumer electronic devices
  • 260 PSI air compressor to inflate a low tire, sports equipment and air mattress

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This product was manufactured by Cobra.

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